Sculptures 1 | Stéphane Halleux


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Penetrating into the world of Stéphane Halleux’s works means crossing the mirror, entering the area of all possibles, where past, present and future mix, clash and harmonize with each other. With his creations we take off from our day-to-day reality and get carried away on the wings of fantasy, which fed and is maybe still feeding our child’s dreams. Under Jules Verne’s or Tim Burton’s influence? More certainly in the footsteps of the first one restyled in accordance to the other and merged into Leonardo da Vinci’s utopias.
Whatever piece you look at (car, wheelchair, electric chair, flying robot or any other machine), he never imposes an interpretation but gives you the freedom to have your own one.
Whatever the created object can be, we are in front of a strange and amusing structure, result of mixtures that are really weird, conflicting and unlikely not only because of the diversity of the collected pieces and used materials but also in the concept itself : hypothetical working with traction or pulse power system, steam generator, dynamo … with other words complicated mechanisms for simple and pseudo-logical inventions, close to gigantism compared to miniature hight tech of our 21st century.


Hardcover matte


Stéphane Halleux


24 x 31 cm






English, French, Multilingual