Shipping costs & delivery times

Shipping zoneWeightGross shipping costs in EuroDelivery time
LuxembourgFREE2-4 working days
Europe I (1,2,3)up to 0.5 kg3.152-6 working days
Europe I (1,2,3)0.5-2 kg10.502-6 working days
Europe II (4,5)up to 0.5 kg3.154-10 working days
Europe II (4,5)0.5-2 kg10.504-10 working days
Germany2-5 kg11.802-6 working days
Germany5-15 kg13.702-6 working days
Germany15-30 kg15.612-6 working days
France (1)2-5 kg16.942-6 working days
France (1)5-15 kg17.792-6 working days
France (1)15-30 kg27.762-6 working days
Belgium2-5 kg15.132-6 working days
Belgium5-15 kg16.632-6 working days
Belgium15-30 kg19.482-6 working days
Netherlands2-30 kg15.922-6 working days
Austria2-15 kg17.792-6 working days
Austria15-30 kg27.762-6 working days
Poland2-15 kg19.814-10 working days
Poland15-30 kg31.844-10 working days
Portugal2-15 kg23.054-10 working days
Portugal15-30 kg33.394-10 working days
Slovakia2-15 kg21.634-10 working days
Slovakia15-30 kg33.714-10 working days
Spain2-15 kg23.054-10 working days
Spain15-30 kg33.394-10 working days
Czechia2-15 kg20.604-10 working days
Czechia15-30 kg32.894-10 working days
Hungary2-15 kg21.634-10 working days
Hungary15-30 kg33.714-10 working days
Europe I (2)2-10 kg17.854-10 working days
Europe I (2)10-30 kg29.404-10 working days
Europe II (5)2-10 kg29.404-10 working days
Europe II (5)10-30 kg60.324-10 working days
World (6,7,8)up to 0.5 kg9.2010-14 working days
World (6,7,8)0.5-2 kg19.8510-14 working days
World I (6)2-10 kg42.8010-14 working days
World I (6)10-30 kg110.0010-14 working days
World II (7)2-10 kg79.2010-14 working days
World II (7)10-30 kg223.4010-14 working days
World III (8)2-10 kg115.6010-14 working days
World III (8)10-30 kg317.2010-14 working days
Canada0-1.5 kg40.091 month

For orders weighing more than 30 kg, please contact us in advance.
All shipping costs are inclusive of Luxembourg VAT.
For deliveries to countries outside the European Union, additional customs duties and taxes may arise which are to be borne by the customer.
Deliveries to the shipping zones World, World I, World II, World III are made by registered mail.
Given the current Covid 19 pandemic, there may be delays in shipping to countries outside the European Union.

1 Overseas territories excluded
2 Andorra, Denmark, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland
3 Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands
4 Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Czechia, Hungary
5 Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Romania, Cyprus
6 Egypt, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Morocco, Mauritania, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, United Arab Emirates, Belarus
7 South Africa, Brazil, China, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
8 Rest of the world