Shipping costs & delivery times

Shipping zoneWeightGross shipping costs in EuroDelivery time
LuxembourgFREE2-4 Working days
Germany2-30 kg102-6 Working days
France (1)2-30 kg132-6 Working days
Belgium2-30 kg132-6 Working days
Europe (1,2,3,4)up to 0,5 kg3,154-10 Working days
Europe (1,2,3,4)0,5-2 kg5,254-10 Working days
Europe I (1,2,3)2-10 kg17,854-10 Working days
Europe I (1,2,3)10-30 kg29,44-10 Working days
Europe II (1.4)2-10 kg29,44-10 Working days
Europe II (1.4)10-30 kg77,74-10 Working days
World (5,6,7)up to 0,5 kg4,210-14 Working days
World (5,6,7)0,5-2 kg710-14 Working days
World I (5)2-10 kg37,810-14 Working days
World I (5)10-30 kg10510-14 Working days
World II (6)2-10 kg74,210-14 Working days
World II (6)10-30 kg218,410-14 Working days
World III (7)2-10 kg110,610-14 Working days
World III (7)10-30 kg312,210-14 Working days

For orders weighing more than 30 kg, please contact us in advance.
All shipping costs are inclusive of Luxembourg VAT of 17 %.
For deliveries to countries outside the European Union, additional customs duties and taxes may arise which are to be borne by the customer.

1 Overseas territories excluded
2 Andorra, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland
3 Germany, France, Belgium
4 Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus
5 Egypt, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Morocco, Mauritania, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, United Arab Emirates, Belarus
6 South Africa, Brazil, Canada, China, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
7 Rest of the world

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